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It can be frustrating.  Paying for your child’s lessons and not seeing results on the field. Or working with an instructor and not being where you want at the plate.  The answer to the question certainly has a number of factors involved.  I want to talk about a couple of those factors below.

Expectations. We all have them. High or low the desire to see results is there. For the player as well as the parents of the player. Having an understanding of what to expect and what results to look for is the key.  Having given so many lessons over the years one thing has held true. As much as I get frustrated with a players progression, when the new player walks through the door it hits me. The Instruction Is Working. The players I have worked with are farther along than the new hitter. Sure there are differences in athletic ability, but the core things that are needed in the swing exist in the hitter that has been taking instruction. So the moral in this is are we expecting 3 for 3 with a double and one bomb. If you are, then you might need to change the expectations and watch the approach at the plate versus others and realize that your player is getting results. Let me help you or your child with the core foundation that every hitter needs at the plate.


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